Monument of the Unknown Soldier

The Monument of the Unknown Soldier was erected in Haskovo in honor of the thousand Bulgarian people who died for the freedom and independence of Bulgaria during the Balkan and World War I. It was built in the central town square “Svoboda”. The main stone of the monument was laid on May 6th, 1925 and the opening ceremony was held on June 2nd, 1927. The monument was consecrated by Bishop Hariton, and the solemn opening event was attended by Tsar Boris III.
The Monument of the Unknown Soldier was created by the sculptor T. Deliradev. It was made of gray granite. The location of the monument awakens the feeling of the best possible solution. A metal-sculptured statue of a Bulgarian soldier in full combat equipment stands in its central composition and the white marble figures erected at the four sides of the soldier depict warriors from the various types of armies – infantry, artillery, cavalry and commander unit. The Cross of Bravery stands at the front of it. The monument of the Unknown Soldier is the place where the population of Haskovo pay tribute at all the solemn events connected with the history of Bulgaria.

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