The House of Chorbadji Pascal

The Renaissance housing is a reflection of the general economic, political and cultural upsurge in the life of the Bulgarian people. Many of the Renaissance houses turn into architectural masterpieces. Among them is the House of Chorbadji Pascal, located in the town of Haskovo. The house belonged to Chorbadji Pascal – a wealthy and influential merchant, actively participating in the government affairs of the town during the Revival period. The House of Chorbadji Pascal was declared a national cultural monument and it is a good example of the transition of the local population from rural to urban and European life. Nowadays the house is transformed into an ethnographic museum. The two-storey asymmetric building attracts numerous visitors not only with their appearance but also with its atmosphere. A feeling of coziness and functionality create typical semicircular bayonet construction, decorative niches (alafrangi), carved ceilings, doors and cabinets, couches, made of wood and others. The ethnographic exposition reveals the daily life of the people living here at that time. The combination of wooden couches with Vienna furniture, silver European utensils, Russian samovars, typical carpets and rugs from Haskovo is very peculiar. This highlights the unique feature and, at the same time, the tradition of the House of Chorbadji Pascal.

Address: 9 Bratya Minchevi street, Haskovo

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