The old clock tower of Haskovo

The development of crafts and trade in many Bulgarian settlements during the Renaissance implied the necessity of unification of the working hours – beginning and ending. The guilds of the Synagogues set up clock towers in the center of the settlements, which later became an architectural and economic symbol. The old Clock Tower of Haskovo was built in the beginning of the 19th century. It was a cut stone construction that measured time with the built-in clock mechanism connected to a copper bell, which beat every hour. In a room on the top of the tower, a firefighter on duty stood, who, if necessary, beat the bell for a fire hazard. Over time, this function has gone, but the clock tower has remained one of the symbols of the town. In 1913, the municipal council decided to demolish the tower pointing out various reasons. 100 years later, the restoration of the old clock tower was ceremoniously celebrated in 2013. The 23 meter-high tower was erased again of cut stone and measures the hours with a bell ring. The Clock Tower of Haskovo has been entirely restored with donations.

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