Trakya University Foundation was established on 30.03.1988. The overall aim of the Foundation is:

To increase among the University and attached to it Faculties, Institutes, Schools, Research Centers with all types and training at all levels – the level of education and research in academic units, students and the university staff, to support the efforts to meet social and cultural needs and to give moral support for achievement of this goal.
In this context:
• to provide support to scientific research;
• to support the University and its affiliated units in need of inventory or supplies and tools, to provide scholraships to students in need;
• to encourage faculty members and students to participate in scientific activities – domestic and abroad and to contribte financially;
• to encourage the teaching staff , administrative staff and students to engage in social, sporting and cultural activities (canteen, cafeteria, reading room, etc.);
• to assisst organization of symposiums organized by the University and its units, to provide panel materials for scientific activities such as conferences and seminars and provide moral support or to organize such events itself;
• to support the Universities and affiliated units to help the construction and repair of buildings and facilities;
• to provide financial support for national or international meetings;
• to support the University and affiliated units for vehicle purchases, maintenance, repair and give financial support to fuel costs;
• to take part in representation events – ceremony, entertainment, flowers, telephone, telegraph, etc. contribute to the expenses;
• to establish cooperation between Trakya University and its units with industry and the business community. For this purpose do encourage the between commercial and industrial enterprises and educational institutions;
• to support the development of successful teaching staff, students, university staff and members of the foundation through financial and spritual support, printing of books ant ducational materials;
• to support the recotr of the University and its units to run the staff to meet the needs of all kind;
• to make efforts to respond to all requests for education and training outside the university and affiliated units and to create opportunities to expend.