Regional Library “Hristo Smirnenski” – Haskovo

Regional Library “Hristo Smirnenski” is the main bookstore in the region, archive of national literature and local periodical press – a center providing complete library services for its readers. The library was founded in 1953. All these nearly 65 years of activities of the Regional Library “Hr. Smirnenski” establish it as a significant cultural and information institution. Traditions and innovations united for one single aim enhance the implementation of the main library functions. All the books kept here are about 409 000 volumes, there are nearly 4 000 registered users and over 52 000 visits, 25 computerized places for the readers, free internet access, electronic catalogue access, electronic library services. The Digital Library Haskovo as well as an external database are located here. The library organizes and hosts meetings with national and foreign writers, of art and culture, provides training courses in initial computer skills, works hard to form reading skills and requirements for the youngest. It carries out coordination, expert-consultancy and qualification activities for the libraries in the region. It also has publishing activity traditions and project development and implementation experience.

Realized projects:

“Who clean in the nature?” Project funded by the “Global Libraries – Bulgaria” Foundation in a competition in 2016 “The Library – an active participant in public life”. The amount of the grant is BGN 3 050 with compulsory co-financing of 20%.
“The Public Library – accessible place for everyone” Project, funded by The Agency for Disabled People on the grounds of Art. 8, item 6 of the Law for Integration of people with disabilities. The amount of the grant is BGN 14 167.
• Regional Library “Hristo Smirnenski” – Haskovo is partnering with “Global Libraries – Bulgaria” Foundation for execution of “E-skills for E-inclusion” Project with main porpoise developing a training program on computer literacy for vulnerable groups to facilitate their access to the labor market. The project is implemented in partnership with 5 organizations from Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy and Romania and is funded by the European Program Erasmus +. The Bulgarian project team includes ICT specialists from 3 more regional libraries.
“Library – teenagers – books” Project funded by “Global Libraries – Bulgaria”Foundation in project competition “The Library – an active participant in public life” – 2018. The amount of the grant is BGN 3 983 with own participation of 20%.